Supreme court decision to let Trump deny asylum reverses years of US policy

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The supreme court ruled on Wednesday to allow the Trump administration to enforce nationwide restrictions that would prevent most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the US. The administration announced in July a new policy that would deny asylum to anyone who passes through another country on their way to the US without

Delay in scheduling asylum interviews in San Francisco Asylum office

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The San Francisco Asylum Office has recently reassigned many of its officers to asylum prescreening (APSO) to conduct credible/reasonable fear and MPP interviews. This has reduced but not halted the adjudication of affirmative asylum applications. Applicants may experience delayed appointment scheduling for recently filed and backlogged cases. The San Francisco

Eligibility requirements for asylum in the US

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The right of political asylum allows people experiencing or fearing persecution in their home country to seek protection in a different country. Asylum is a unique immigration issue because it requires applicants, also called “asylum seekers”, to prove that returning to their home country would put them in danger or otherwise infringe on their