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San Francisco Asylum Office work during corona-virus time
1. The San Francisco Asylum Office is still conducting interviews at
this time. However, it is uncertain how long they will continue to do so.
The San Francisco Asylum Office has confirmed that the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), which is the main Federal tenant on the 75
Hawthorne Street building, is considering closing down the building to
visitors, which would include the Asylum Office. Please look out for
additional updates regarding potential asylum office closures.
2. Some future asylum interviews were already cancelled when the San
Francisco Asylum Office believed the EPA was planning to close the building
on March 19, for a two-week period. All cancelled cases will be rescheduled
in April, unless again, EPA decides to close the building.
3. Reschedules: The Asylum Division, as a whole, is now liberally
granting reschedules for all vulnerable groups, including attorneys,
applicants, or interpreters who are elderly or have at-risk health status.
The asylum clock will not be stopped for such reschedules. You can email a
request to sfasylumreschedulerequests@uscis.dhs.gov.

4. Due to the sudden in-person filing window closure, any late-arriving
documents for asylum interviews the week of March 23, 2020 will be accepted
as timely if the interviews continue as currently scheduled.

San Francisco Asylum Office work during corona-virus time

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