Do you need legal help?

    • Are you afraid to go back to your home country because of persecution?
    • Is your career — or your family’s happiness — in danger because of your immigration status?
    • Have you or a family member received a deportation or removal notice that threatens the life you’ve built in the United States?
    • Do you have a family member or fiancé you want to bring live to the US?
    • Are you walking through divorce, getting custody and support orders for your child and yourself from a former spouse?
    • Are your starting a new business or want to secure your hard built one?

    Call/text me (916) 769-9498 or email to set up an appointment.

    Once working on your case, I will always communicate personally, not through secretaries or assistants.

    What I do

    As the U.S., California attorney I practice:

    • Immigration Law including Asylum, Removal Proceedings, Work/Family Related, and Investors Visas
    • Family Law including Divorce, Support and Restraining Orders
    • Business Law including Incorporation, Administration and Transactions

    I focus on immigration cases, mostly involving deportation (removal) before the Immigration Courts, but also on cases before United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). I give my clients the tools to win their cases – my “winning formula”:

    • I will meet you personally and assess all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case;
    • Some Clients have several options available to them; I will present all your options to you so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed; and how to proceed in the most cost efficient manner.
    • Once you hire me, I will use my litigation skills, legal research skills, and strong knowledge of the law to achieve the best result for you.

    As a Ukrainian attorney I help international businesses and private clients in all kinds of issues arising under Ukrainian law, including but limited to:

    • Investment and Business
    • Property Ownership and Transactions
    • Residency and Immigration

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