CBPOne Guide in Russian for T42 Exemptions

Please note that the guide is not perfect; it was drafted with a sense of urgency given the situation. Please be understanding with me about mistakes. Many thanks to everyone who helped draft, including special thanks to Tehmina Avagyan for translating.

The goal is for the guide to get out among Russian-speaking asylum-seekers in Mexico, for free. I do not want anyone selling the guide or in any way monetizing the guide.


If you feel like you have a social media presence and can help spread the guide (and the related information below), please share the link.

Important Reminders about CBPOne and T42 Exemptions:

A Title 42 exemption is what allows a non-citizen without proper admission documents to go to the Port of Entry at a set date and time to seek admission as an asylum-seeker


You can always access my border updates here:


There is no reason for noncitizens to pay ANYONE for assistance in requesting a Title 42 exemption: CBPOne is free, the process is free, and there is no need to pay an intermediary for access (though some people may struggle with the technological aspect, and a smart phone with internet service is required).
The app is currently only available in English and Spanish, but appointments are open to all nationalities. Haitian Creole and Russian versions of the app are forthcoming.

Access to making an appointment will be “geofenced” to individuals who are physically located in the U.S.-Mexico border and in some “major population centers” in Central Mexico (likely Mexico City and Monterrey; maybe other cities as well)–this process is NOT for people outside of Mexico.

It is still not advised for asylum-seekers to Mexican immigration officials to get a tourist visa / visa waiver to fly into Mexico as “tourists” with the intention of seeking asylum in the US. It is still not advised for U.S. immigration lawyers (including me) to advise potential clients on Mexican immigration law. Mexico remains very dangerous for asylum-seekers.

Appointments will be available in Matamoros, Piedras Negras, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, Mexicali, and Tijuana.
There will be an undisclosed but limited number of available appointments, only scheduled about 14 days in advance. Each day at 8am CST, new appointment slots will be released.

Just like under the previous system, noncitizens who present for a Title 42 exemption will generally be issued a Notice to Appear and a one-year 212(d)(5) parole (“DT”) and will be eligible for c(11) EADs.
People with significant criminal or immigration history (perhaps even just prior orders of removal) and/or national security concerns may be detained, but this will be generally disfavored. Currently, we only see detentions in about 1-2% of cases, and any organization that has promised no detention risk in the past was not telling the truth.
CBPOne Guide in Russian for T42 Exemptions

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